Recreation Committee Minutes 5-8-2019


City of Vergennes

Recreation Committee Regular Meeting

Vergennes City Hall

May 8, 2019

6:00 p.m.

In attendance

Committee: Matt DeBlois, Tim Cook, Lynne Rapoport, Erin Roche

Visitors: Lisa Casey, Robyn Newton, Scott Hardy, Heather Simons

6:02 Meeting called to order

  1. Amendments to Agenda 5 min


  1. Approve Minutes to Regular Meeting of 4/10/2019 5 min

Motion made by Robyn, seconded by Matt. Draft minutes approved

  1. Hear Visitors 30 min

Scott interested in mountain biking and how it can make a place a destination. Build trails in Macintosh Park, which is owned by the City, roughly across the street from Comfort Hill Kennel. 15 acres. Lynne asks where would they park – maybe they could pull off where the solar field is. Who owns the property where the solar farm is?

Matt Chabot, Tim Cook, Scott and Chris met and agreed that if the Recreation committee thought it was a good idea, then it could be put before the council for possible approval.

How would this be affected by the proposed bypass? It might make mountain bike park premature.

They are not asking for financial or personnel resources, only the opportunity to build and maintain the trails on city land. Fellowship of the Wheel helps steward these kinds of efforts.

Lynne asks how family friendly would this be? The goal would be that it could be a walking trail as well.

Different effort than others who have met with the committee previously to discuss bike/ped trails in Vergennes.

First step would be to create master plan, then estimate timeline.

Scott asks when could this go to City Council? Tim doesn’t know how their schedule would go.

Matt D. asks about using Job Corps or Career Center resources?

Tim would like to see any effort to establish trails to connect the other parcels that the city owns.

Would the trails be marked in some way?

Maintenance is another concern – any trails built would need to be maintained every year and their isn’t any budget for this now. The more use, the less maintenance needed.

This is a good conception – anything for extra activity in the area is great and if it doesn’t work it will grow back.

VYCC – would they be a resource for trail building or maintenance? In the future maybe.

  1. Build FY 2020 Budget 30 min

Need funding for Recreation Coordinator. Watershed Funds are allocated for Recreation spending. What about the Pool? The Pool Committee has largely accomplished its mission of making the pool functional.

Budget for the pool deck to be addressed (cracks, etc.). Drainage, overflow from the parking lot? Matt D. says this has been addressed but there still needs to be some infrastructure done where the sidewalk goes down to the pool.

Does the pool have sufficient safety equipment? Jen Kingsley has overseen pool – pool manager. Jen and Lisa Casey meeting with Matt Chabot next week. We don’t have a trainer for our life guards – new life guards will need training that is good for 2 years. Staffing, supplies, infrastructure.

Reach out to Dustin re: Recreation budgeting?

Budget for a Recreation Coordinator whose job it is to work on these issues – how much do we budget for Rec Coordinator – 5 hours week? 10 hours week? 16 hours = 2 days? – $15,000

This is this year’s budget, it will get bigger over time? If successful

$25,000-$35,000 for repaving the ice rink, with $6,000 contribution from the ANWSD

Sign for Veterans Park – build and install $2500

  1. Recreation coordinator and programming. 12 min

Swimming lessons, lifeguards, managing the pool, coordinating all of the activities around town – the first year is just about making connections, identifying gaps, developing programming proposals, make a plan, inform the Recreation Committee

  1. New business 12 min

Ping pong in Veterans Park – this would be awesome, but $5-10,000 likely to do it right.

We will plan to finish the painting project after Tim talks to Matt Chabot. This could be another work party, maybe swim team parents, maybe boy scouts, or something else?

We need to post a sign that says No driving or parking on Veterans Park. Do we also need a No Smoking sign?

  1. Adjournment

Adjourned 7:37