Recreation Committee Minutes 3-13-2019 DRAFT


City of Vergennes

Recreation Committee Regular Meeting

Vergennes City Hall

March 13, 2019

Meeting called to order: 6:01 Present: Tim Cook, Lynne Rapoport, Sierra Bertrand, Summer Chabot, Jacob Andric, Erin Roche

  1. Amendments to Agenda 5 min
  2. Hear Visitors 10 min
  3. Committee priority areas of interest

    1. Bike path – trying to get map made, large one that we can draw on. Bike path and Veterans Park and show where the wetlands are. From mapmaker for all the regional plans.
    2. Veterans Park

      1. Work party update. 10 min

Flyer draft for work party. Work party to roof the pool house and paint the warming hut. Tim to meet with City Manager and try to get on agenda for 3/26. Add flyer to April agenda for Action and possible approval.

RK Miles will donate materials. Tim to ask City Council about paint color.

      1. Skate park, Ice rink. 10 min

Skipped until Robyn/Matt are present.

      1. Pool. 5 min

No update. And not in purview of the committee at this time.

    1. VUES Pavilion update 10 min

No update. It’s a school project on school property but committee likes to be informed.

    1. Outdoor classroom/New Haven Rd connection 5 min

Map to be made will help to address this and understand the wetlands. If too many wetlands, then developing trails will be challenging. Revisit when Matt is present.

  1. Recreation coordinator and programming. 5 min

Review’s draft of position and possible programming and things to consider. Important to coordinate with existing school, private, after school, activities will be important. Coordinate races and other rec. events (City Band concerts, other events). If city website is updated, then could recreation items be added in timely way. Does City have budget to pay a coordinator? Tim to report back at the next meeting after hearing from City Council. Start list of names of who is doing programming in Vergennes, send to Tim for outreach. Maybe schedule a special meeting and invite all involved in programming, or invite to participate in April or May meeting.

  1. Approve Minutes to Regular Meeting of 1/9/2019 and 2/13/2019 5 min

Lynne makes motion to approve, Erin seconds for January minutes. Lynne makes motion to accept minutes as amended, Sierra seconds. All in favor.

  1. New business 5 min

No new business.

  1. Adjournment: 7:02