Recreation Committee Meeting 2-13-2019


City of Vergennes

Recreation Committee Regular Meeting

Vergennes City Hall

February 13, 2019

6:00 p.m.

Members Present: Tim Cook, Matt DeBlois ,Lynne Rapoport, Lynn Donnelly, Linda Hawley, Sierra Bertrand, Anna Rakowski, Summer Chabot, Jake Kadric

Visitor Present: Dave Austin, .Marilyn Heble, Kristine Debellis, John Peters, Jill Murray-Killion, Heather Simmons, Tim Clark

  1. Amendments to Agenda

No amendments to the agenda.

  1. Hear Visitors

All Visitors present were wishing to participant on the bike Path discussion.

  1. Approve Minutes to Regular Meeting of 1/9/2019

Deferred to March Meeting as Sec. Roche was not present/

  1. Committee priority areas of interest

    1. Veterans Park

-work party weekend of May 4 & 5 approved, special pricing of materials from local lumber yard R.K. Miles

-long term planning moved to end of meeting 20 min

    1. Bike path

Reviewing of city right of ways, questions on the removal of the crosswalk at settlers park, connectivity from the basin to downtown, the 22A repave, discussion of bringing the rail trail to the Northern Gateway District, as opposed to the Ferrisburg park and ride, hearing testimony on the public desire to have a bike loop connecting Vergennes, Ferrisburg, Panton, and Waltham. Discussion of the different groups in the area working together to tie the different towns together.

    1. Recreation coordinator and programming

Reoccurring discussion of the expectations of a program coordinator, and funding source, possibly the watershed fund, as it is to be used for recreation proposes. Should the Rec coordinator oversee the pool? Lynne Rapaport will start gather information on the expectations of the Coordinator. Lynne insisted that the High schoolers help her as they as the demographic that we are trying to provide recreation for. That view was unanimous. It was suggested that we reach out to the Bristol Coordinator, as Bristol has a good program and a similar town size/scope.

    1. Outdoor classroom /New Haven Rd accessibility

Wet land limitations? Large clearing effort. Permit needed?

    1. VUES Pavilion update /Long Term Veterans Park Planning-

approved by the different parties in the school system, permits needed, reusing compost pavilion at the high school a possibility. Ice rink sandbagging temporary at best, acknowledgment of the need for repaving. Trail maintenance the main issue. Alderman Austin suggested the JobCorp would be a possible provider.

  1. New business –

Budget request of the city council, main cost Coordinator position, Lynne Rapaport as volunteered to draft a public request for the work party that will be used to promote that event.

  1. Adjournment: 7:07