City Council Meeting Agenda 1-28-2020

5:30 1. Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Amendments to Agenda
5:40 2. Visitors
5:45 3. Approval of Minutes and Warrant*
5:50 4. Citizen’s Comments (Issues not otherwise on agenda)
6:00 5. Cancelation of Public Hearing for Charter
6:05 6. Business:
A. Land Records Archive Filming**
B. Adopt New Job Descriptions for City Treasurer, City Clerk, and Administrative Assistant**
C. Appointment of Abbie Farrar to Treasurer to be effective 2/28/20 at 4:31pm**
D. Adopt Warning for Town Meeting*
E. Adopt a resolution to declare the chain of command within the City’s organizational structure**
6:25 7. City Manager’s Report
6:30 8. Mayor’s Report
6:40 9. Adjournment