Basin Task Force Meeting Minutes 3-21-2019

City of Vergennes

Basin Task Force Agenda March 21, 2019 – 6:30PM Vergennes City Manager’s Office

Attending: David Austin, Tim Cowan, Bill Benton, Mike Winslow, Tim Cook

1. Call to Order 6:34 PM

2. Visitors – none

3. Approval of Minutes – Moved by Bill; Second by Mike. Approved unanimously.

4. Citizens’ Comments – none

5. Business

a. Review of Downtown Basin Master Plan. Tim Cook brought maps of the Basin.

David noted that the charge of the committee is to identify tasks from the plan and prioritize them.

b. Discussion Re: Look/Feel//Function and c. Identify potential short term solutions. Bill identified a need for nine signs (some to replace older ones), and improve the kiosk on the Falls Park side. Mike noted that the Downtown Transportation Grants would be a potential source of funding. Applications are due in March (have past for this year) and require a 50% match. He also noted that if the stump dump were incorporated into the trails it would allow pedestrians to loop back to the parking lot. David suggested signs exploring the history of the area, modelled after the NY signs at Crown Point. Bill noted that the Falls Park docks are in horrible condition and the Macdonough Park docks could be improved. He expressed support for a boardwalk to connect the Macdonough Park docks to the staircase leading to Main St; Tim Cowan agreed, though noted that a gravel path might be easier to implement and achieve the same goals. A gravel path would have to be higher up to avoid flood waters. Tim also suggested areas where public parking could be improved. David noted that Matt Chabot has banked hours from public works for attention to the park. Tim Cook agreed to the need for signs and added a desire to clear the views from the library to the Basin. Tim Cook suggested a boat launch for hand launchable craft near the base of the stairs.

c. Set Date for Site Visit. At the next regular meeting on 4/18/2019 will convene at the City Docks on the MacDonough Park Side of the river at 6PM (½ hour earlier).

d. Set Date and Scope for Work Day. Decision was made to hold off until April or

May to set the date for a work day in June.

e. Set Date and Time for Regular Meetings. Third Thursday of each month. Next meeting on 4/18/2019, meeting at the City Docks.

6. Adjournment 7:30 PM