Development Review Board Minutes, 4-15-2019



APRIL 15, 2019

Members Present: Chair Brent Rakowski, Vice-Chair Don Peabody, Steve Rapoport, Jason Mullin, Jason Farrell, Tim Cook.

Members Absent: Teresa Hyndman

Guests: Glenn Kimball, Sam Gignoux, Tim Cook Ryan, Tina Booska

Present: Zoning Administrator Peter Garon

The meeting was preceded by a site visit to 77 Green Street.

Chair Brent Rakowski called the regular meeting to order at 6:50 p.m.

  1. With no objections the Chair amended the agenda to consider approval of the minutes, and begin the Zoning Administrator’s report prior to the stated time for the first public hearing.
  2. The minutes of the March 18, 2019 regular meeting were reviewed and non-substantive changes were made. Upon motion of Tim Cook and seconded by Don Peabody, the minutes were unanimously approved.
  3. Chair Brent Rakowski read the notice for the public hearing to consider the request by Otter Creek Holdings LLC for a variance to change the use at 135 Main Street to allow residential housing on the first floor. The request will be reviewed pursuant to Article VI and Section 1605 of the zoning and subdivision regulations. The hearing was recorded.

Sam Gignoux of Otter Creek Holdings, and Tim Ryan were sworn in to testify on the matter. Sam Gignoux presented his responses to the five required regulatory items in section 1609. He made the point that although he felt that the last use was as an office, there was a long history of a first floor residence at that location. Zoning Administrator Garon said that he had not found any records of an approved residence on the first floor at that location. Tim Ryan testified that he had no memory of a first floor residence at that location. He also indicated that he felt that it was in the best interests of the business district to maintain the building as commercial use only on the first floor.

On motion by Don Peabody, seconded by Steve Rapoport and approved unanimously, the hearing was closed and moved to deliberative session.

4. Chair Brent Rakowski read the notice for the public hearing to consider the request by Glenn Kimball for an addition to his garage and a side yard setback waiver. The request will be considered under Article XV and Section 1605 of the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. Mr. Kimball was sworn in. The hearing was recorded.

Mr. Kimball proposes to add a 12×20 addition to his garage/workshop. He presented written plans and several Google maps to demonstrate his project. At the site plan review when his initial plans were submitted, it appeared that his project did not meet district side yard setback requirements. Upon further review by Mr. Kimball, his initial measurements were not accurate. With his new plans submitted for the public hearing it is clear that he meets the setback requirements so no waiver is needed.

He testified that there will be no exterior lighting. His house is about 1100 square feet with the garage and proposed addition about 800 square feet.

On motion by Jason Farrell, seconded by Don Peabody, and approved unanimously, the Board directed Zoning Administrator Garon to draft an affirmative decision for Board review.

5.  Tina Booska presented a site plan review for demolition of an accessory structure (garage) at 77 Green Street in the historic district. She plans to ultimately replace it with a similar structure and provided testimony on those specifics. The Board noted that it only needed to consider the demolition, with the replacement being within the jurisdiction of the Zoning Administrator.

On motion of Steve Rapoport, seconded by Tim Cook, and approved unanimously, her proposal was moved to a public hearing on May 20, 2019.

6.  Zoning Administrator Garon briefed the Board on several issues:

  1. update on a potential PUD application at 184-186 Green Street
  2. upcoming issues with a change of use at 27 Short Street
  3. Country Commons construction
  4. the project in Booth Woods
  5. an inquiry about 130 Green Street modifications

7.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Peter Garon, Acting Recording Secretary