Development Review Board Minutes, 1-20-2020

Development Review Board Minutes

Regular Meeting, January 20, 2020

Members Present: Chair Brent Rakowski, Steve Rapoport, Carrie Macfarlane, Teresa Hyndman, Jason Mullin

Absent: Vice-Chair Don Peabody, Tim Cook,

Guests: Jennifer Decarlo, Steven Decarlo, Mel Hawley, Michael Daniels

Present: Zoning Administrator Peter Garon

Chair Brent Rakowski convened the meeting at 7 P.M.

  1. Item 5 was postponed to a later meeting. Item 4 was discussed before item 3.
  2. Public Hearing – To consider application #2019-047 by Christopher Beuhler for site plan and conditional use review to change the use at 34 Main Street from Professional Office/Residence to a one-family residence and Medical Services. The application will be reviewed under Articles VII and VIII, and section 1605 of the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations.

Chair Brent F. Rakowski read the warning and swore in Jennifer Decarlo. The hearing was recorded (D11/11).

Jennifer Decarlo presented the application on behalf of the applicant. She explained that there would be no changes in the structure of the building, nor in the operation of the business. The request is being made simply to allow an application for a larger business sign.

After review by the Board, Jason Mullin made a motion, seconded by Carrie Macfarlane, and approved by all, to close the public hearing and direct the Zoning Administrator to draft an affirmative decision for review and signature by the Chair.

  1. Mel Hawley, Treasurer, and Michael Daniels, Co-Superintendent of the Prospect Cemetery Association, presented their request to demolish the gatehouse at the Prospect Cemetery. They explained that the structure had a fair amount of shifting of the cement bases and rot of the wooden parts of the structure. They would like to keep portions of the front pillars if possible. Anything left would be no larger than 80 square feet. Michael Daniels noted that they had explored repairing the structure, but the cost was estimated to be at least $100,000 and maybe as high as $200,000 which is beyond the resources of the Cemetery Association.

Upon motion by Steve Rapoport, seconded by Jason Mullin, and approved by all, the application was deemed complete and scheduled for a public hearing. At the request of the applicant, the public hearing was scheduled for March 16, 2020.

  1. The Board entered deliberative session on the application of Didier and Julianne Murat to demolish part of the porch and make other alterations to the existing structure at 104 South Water Street. The Board reviewed the draft decision prepared by Zoning Administrator Garon and made changes. Upon motion by Carrie Macfarlane, seconded by Jason Mullin, and approved by all, Zoning Administrator Garon was directed to make the changes in the decision for review and signature by Chair Brent F. Rakowski.
  2. Zoning Administrator Garon updated the Board on issues raised recently by a city resident regarding construction by Green Mountain Power (GMP) at the falls.  He told the Board that GMP had approached him in July 2019 about constructing a shed to house a compressor. The shed was planned to be less than 80 square feet, and less than 8 feet tall and thus would be exempt from zoning.  In addition, both our regulations and state law exempt public utility power generating plants from local zoning review. No further action by the Zoning Administrator was planned regarding this issue.
  3. Chair Brent F. Rakowski informed the Board that V-Trans has approved a one-million-dollar planning grant for the Economic Corridor project, subsequent to review and approval by area towns affected by the proposal.
  4. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted

Peter Garon, Acting Recording Secretary