Development Review Board Minutes 2-18-2019




FEBRUARY 18, 2019

Members Present: Chair Brent Rakowski, Vice-Chair Don Peabody, Steve Rapoport, Teresa Hyndman, Jason Mullin.

Members Absent: Jason Farrell, Tim Cook

Guests: Heather Carlton

Present: Zoning Administrator Peter Garon

Chair Brent Rakowski called the regular meeting to order at 7 p.m.

  1. A public hearing was scheduled on the application from Witherbee LLC for a change of use and exterior modifications at 186 Main Street. Zoning Administrator Peter Garon advised the Board that the applicant had withdrawn their application by email dated February 11, 2019.
  2. Heather Carlton presented her application for an Airbnb at her residence at 54 MacDonough Drive. Zoning Administrator Garon indicated that he felt this application should be considered under the regulations for a Bed and Breakfast. He also noted that one parking space was needed for the Airbnb in addition to the two needed for the one-family residence. Ms. Carlton noted that there is a thirty foot wide space available for parking. She indicated that there would be no exterior modifications made and there is a separate entrance for the Airbnb space.   Don Peabody and Teresa Hyndman raised questions about safety issues, specifically as it relates to emergency egress. Chairman Brent Rakowski pointed out that the regulations do not have provisions which allow us to consider this issue. It would usually be handled by an entity of the State. Zoning Administrator Garon explained to the Board and the applicant that the approval letter sent to all applicants explains that there may be other permits needed and provides them contact information for the State of Vermont permit specialist to assist in that process. The Zoning Administrator will research the safety issue for the Board.  Don Peabody made a motion to move the application to public hearing on March 18, 2019. The motion was seconded by Jason Mullin and approved unanimously.
  3. At the meeting of January 21, 2019, the Board had taken the position that the Zoning Administrator could approve a change of use from one permitted use to another, specifically in the Central Business District. Former Zoning Administrator Mel Hawley questioned this position of the Board, indicating that a change of use from bank to office in this district requires Board review. During the Board discussion, Chairman Brent Rakowski noted that except for the Central Business District, the only permitted uses in other districts were one and two family residences. After further discussion the Board modified its position from the January 21, 2019 meeting. The Board will review applications that reflect a change of use.
  4. Steve Rapoport moved to accept the minutes of the January 21, 2019 meeting with changes noted. Seconded by Teresa Hyndman and approved unanimously.
  5. Steve Rapoport made the motion to adjournment, seconded by Don Peabody and approved unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Peter Garon, Recording Secretary