Development Review Board Minutes 1-21-2019




JANUARY 21, 2019

Members Present: Chair Brent Rakowski, Tim Cook, Steve Rapoport, Teresa Hyndman, Jason Farrell, (Don Peabody by phone).

Members Absent: Jason Mullin

Guests: Heidi Mahoney

Present: Zoning Administrator Peter Garon

Chair Brent Rakowski called the regular meeting to order at 7 p.m.

  1. Item #2 of the agenda was changed to read Site Plan Review instead of Conditional Use Review.
  2. Heidi Mahoney presented plans for a change of use and exterior modifications to 186 Main Street. She explained that Citizens Bank had vacated the premises and they wanted to change the use from Bank to Office. She noted that this would involve moving a window to cover the space where the bank night deposit box was located, and add a door where the current window is. The Board noted that the Zoning Administrator could approve the change of use as an office is a permitted use in this district. [See minutes of DRB meeting of February 18, 2019 for further discussion and modification of this issue.] The Board discussed parking issues. The Board also asked for cut sheets for any lighting being added.

Jason Farrell made the motion to move the request to public hearing on February 18, 2019. Seconded by Tim Cook and approved unanimously.

  1. Municipal Plan Input – The Board focus was more on regulation changes than specifically on the Municipal Development Plan. This will come later in the process of review. DRB members with thoughts on the MDP were urged to contact the planning Commission directly. Don Peabody expressed an interest in viewscape issues and indicated that he would contact Planning Commission Chair Shannon Hagget directly.

Jason Farrell brought up questions related to a discussion he had with a Planning Commission member about 61 Main Street. The owners had approached Zoning Administrator Garon about allowed uses for the structure. It appeared that the questions would involve a change of zoning for the property, so the owners were referred to the Planning Commission.

  1. Review and accept the minutes of the October 15, 2018 meeting. Tim Cook moved to accept the minutes with changes noted. Seconded by Teresa Hyndman and approved unanimously.
  2. Organizational Meeting – Upon motion by Steve Rapoport, seconded by Tim Cook and approved unanimously, Brent Rakowski was elected Chair, Don Peabody to Vice- Chair, and Jason Farrell to Secretary.
  3. Report of the Zoning Administrator. Zoning Administrator Garon updated the Board on plans for 64 Main Street which has been approved as a 2- family residence. He also noted that there had been preliminary discussions about constructing new units at Country Commons. The issue of unregistered cars has arisen and Zoning Administrator Garon has taken preliminary steps to address the issue with no response to date. Subsequent steps will be taken as necessary.
  4. The Board discussed the City Council comments about the withdrawal of the Mahaiwe appeal to the Vermont Supreme Court.
  5. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Peter Garon, Recording Secretary