Development Review Board Minutes 03-27-2017





MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2017

Members Present: Peter Garon, Brent Rakowski, Vice-Chair, Jason Farrell, Secretary,

Tim Cook, Jason Mullin, Don Peabody, Steve Rapoport

Members Absent: None

Guests: Scott Hardy, Amanda Relyea, Mayor Michael Daniels

Present: Zoning Administrator Mel Hawley

Chair Peter Garon called the special meeting to order at 6 p.m.

  1. Scott Hardy, 186 Green Street, The Fisher Farm, Planned Unit Development,

Subdivision, Accessory Structure, Site Plan Review, Conditional Use Review

Scott Hardy presented information prepared by Grover Engineering, PC relative to his proposed development on Green Street. The property consists of a 1.85 acre parcel which currently has a structure that once contained a flower shop on the ground floor and a dwelling unit on the second floor. The proposal includes demolition of the existing structure and development of a planning unit development for six one-family dwelling sites, one of which being designated as an elderly housing unit. A seventh site is also shown which would be developed if the density bonus for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified projects is changed to alternative standard. The information also included the draft declaration of condominium association, rules and regulations, existing conditions site plan, proposed site plan, and utilities plan. Zoning Administrator Hawley suggested the board consider conducting a site visit, and if so, determine when the might occur. By consensus, the board agreed that a site visit was needed. Zoning Administrator Hawley requested clarification on the proposed sequence of construction. Scott Hardy said that once the project is fully permitted, the existing building would be demolished, all of the proposed infrastructure would be completed, and the proposed accessory structure would be built. The individual building sites would be prepped and potential purchasers would obtain a zoning permit to locate a one-family dwelling on their respective site. Scott reported that a twelve-foot wide gravel driveway is planned. Zoning Administrator Hawley remarked that the proposed driveway will not accommodate two-lane traffic. Jason Farrell asked about whether asphalt pavement was considered given the number of the homes involved. Scott agreed to investigate the cost of paving. Jason also noted that the planned unit development regulations require there be a mix of housing styles. Scott said that he had been working with a high performance modular home manufacturing company and has come up with fours styles. Zoning Administrator Hawley said that the declarations will need some kind of mechanism such that the units are required to vary. Brent Rakowski wondered at what point the Vergennes Fire Department would be involved in reviewing this proposal as they might have concerns with the lack of direct access to a couple of the sites. Zoning Administrator Hawley advised it is routine that the department review plans with this many units. Members asked about exterior lighting as there was nothing depicted on the plan. Tim Cook suggested the applicant consider additional landscaping along the street to screen the back of the proposed seven-car garage. Members acknowledged they had gotten out of step with their regular meeting schedule being the first Monday of the month. Jason Farrell moved there be a special meeting on April 17, 2017 starting with a site visit at Fisher Farm at 6 p.m. with regular business to follow. The motion was seconded by Brent Rakowski with all voting in favor. Zoning Administrator Hawley said that if the board determined the application was complete on April 17, 2017 there was sufficient time to warn a public hearing for May 8, 2017 and the board would could be back on the regular schedule in June. Scott Hardy was encouraged to look closely at Section 1511 of the regulations and the subsections under Section 1006.F.

  1. Review and accept minutes of previous meeting – deferred
  2. Report of Zoning Administrator – deferred
  3. Other Business – Recently elected Mayor Michael Daniels thanked the members for the work and advised he would specifically be in contact with those members with terms expiring August 1, 2017 in hopes of confirming interest in being reappointed.

5. Adjournment

Don Peabody moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Tim Cook with all voting in favor. The meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mel Hawley

Acting Recording Secretary