Development Review Board Agenda, January 20, 2020


City of Vergennes – Development Review Board

Regular Meeting, January 20, 2020

City Hall, 7 PM

  1. Amendments to the Agenda
  2. Public Hearing – To consider application #2019-047 by Christopher Beuhler for site plan and conditional use review to change the use at 34 Main Street from Professional Office/Residence to a one-family residence and Medical Services. The application will be reviewed under Articles VII and VIII, and section 1605 of the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations.
  3. Continuation of Deliberative Session on the application of Didier and Julianne Murat to demolish part of a porch and make other exterior alterations to the existing structure at 104 South Water Street.
  4. Site plan review for demolition of the gatehouse at the Prospect Cemetery, West Main Street.
  5. Discussion of possible changes to the Rules of Procedure and Rules of Ethics. (Any changes under consideration will be warned for and voted on at subsequent meetings.)
  6. Zoning Administrator Report
    1. GMP Shed
  7. Other Business
  8. Adjournment