Development Review Board Minutes 02-06-2017






Members Present: Brent Rakowski, Vice-Chair, Tim Cook, Jason Farrell, Jason Mullin, Don Peabody, Steve Rapoport

Members Absent: Peter Garon

Guests: Peter Jensen, Peter Maneen, Alice Peabody, Willard Peabody

Present: Zoning Administrator Mel Hawley

Vice-chair Brent Rakowski called the regular meeting to order at 7 p.m.

  1. Tim Goyette (Owner), Peter Jensen (Purchaser), 65 South Water Street

Review Section 1604.F.5 and Section 1617

Zoning Administrator Hawley advised that Peter Jensen has a purchase agreement involving the vacant lot at 65 South Water Street owned by Timothy Goyette and will soon be submitting a zoning permit application for a new one-family dwelling. Section 1604.F.5 of the regulations requires that new buildings, except for accessory structures, shall contain a minimum of two stories. Mel shared a copy of the preliminary front elevation drawing of the proposed structure prepared by Peter Jensen along with a copy of the illustration guidelines in Section 1716.H. Peter Jensen said there will be an accessible attic with a floor that he would likely use for storage. Mel said that the illustration in Section 1716.H clearly indicates that there should at least be a so-called knee-wall on the second floor and the elevation drawing depicts that is not the case. Members then read the definition of “story” and concluded that the space above the first floor, since it “…could be used by people (for living, work, recreation), extending from the floor to the ceiling or roof line extending directly above.”, would constitute a second story. The other specific standards in Section 1604.F were reviewed and Mel explained that at this point we only have an elevation drawing of the front of the building. Members expressed concern with the attached garage being the dominant feature as opposed to the primary entry. Mel explained that once he has a complete application he will carefully assess compliance with the specific standards and act on the application.

2.  Vergennes Union High School, 50 Monkton Road, Athletic Field Lighting

Zoning Administrator Hawley reported that he invited Peter Maneen, Director of Student Athletics & Activities at Vergennes Union High School, to the meeting relative to potentially lighting some of their athletic fields. Peter Maneen explained the soccer and lacrosse games start at 4 p.m. and at times when games run long they run out of daylight so they are investigating the cost and permitting for lighting some of their athletic fields. Zoning Administrator Hawley said the performance standards in Section 1403 limit the height of light fixtures to 25 feet and since the contemplated lights would be considerably higher than 25 feet he asked if that would be a fatal flaw with a proposal. The Board reviewed Section 1407 which involves height waivers and concluded the school could request a waiver under this section. It was also noted there is a limitation of development review under Section 311 for public schools which might apply. Peter said he would bring that news back to the group that is pursuing this improvement.

3.  Review and accept minutes of previous meeting

The minutes to the regular meeting of January 9, 2017 were reviewed and corrected. Don Peabody moved to approve the minutes as corrected. The motion was seconded by Tim Cook with all voting in favor.

Jason Mullin departed at this time since he is one of the property owners and officers of Hopkins Ridge Homeowner’s Association, Inc. which is the next item on the agenda.

4.  Pending Decision – Hopkins Ridge Homeowner’s Association, Inc., Proposed Amendment to Declaration of Covenants

As directed, Zoning Administrator Hawley drafted an affirmative decision approving the request by Hopkins Ridge Homeowner’s Association, Inc. to amend its declaration of covenants so that chickens could be raised by property owners on their exclusive property on Hopkins Road under rules and restrictions adopted by the association. Jason Farrell moved to authorize Brent Rakowski to sign the decision on behalf of the Development Review Board. The motion was seconded by Steve Rapoport with all voting in favor.

5.  Report of Zoning Administrator

Zoning Administrator Hawley reported that Scott Hardy is still working on his plans for Fisher Farm and will likely return next month. He also reported on the status of compliance issues related to 89 South Water Street and 210 Main Street.

6.  Other Business – none

7.   Adjournment

Vice-chair Brent Rakowski adjourned the meeting at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mel Hawley

Acting Recording Secretary