Vergennes Community Visit: What’s that?

At the Community Meeting on May 21, 2014, Vergennes residents began organizing themselves around 3 priorities for action to advance the City of Vergennes:

  • Improve Transportation and Parking
  • Advance the Vergennes Economy & Expand the Community & Economic Development Capacity of the City
  • Redevelop the Vergennes Falls Basin & Open a Riverwalk

This work was initiated by the Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD). In 2014, the VCRD selected Vergennes for its Community Visit Program. What is a Community Visit?  A Community Visit connects motivated residents with resources and expertise from across the state in order to get things done.

What an opportunity for Vergennes! Each year, the VCRD selects just 2 cities or towns for the Community Visit Program. Vergennes is now making the most of its Visit. 3 groups have formed to work toward the goals listed above. Each group is invited to share updates here, so check back to learn about brainstorming, organizing, and planning activities in Vergennes.

More info and updates: