Recreation Committee Minutes 8-14-2019


City of Vergennes

Recreation Committee Regular Meeting

Vergennes City Hall

August 14, 2019

6:00 p.m.

Called to order: 6:02

In attendance: A. Rakowski, T. Cook, M. Deblois, R. Newton, L. Rapoport, L. Donnelly, E. Roche

  1. Amendments to Agenda 5 min
  2. Approve Minutes to Regular Meeting of 7/10/2019 5 min
  3. Hear Visitors 10 min

Brad Castillo present to discuss Recreation Coordinator.

  1. Bike Trail Update 5 min

Scott Hardy and T. Cook presented to City Council. Commitment to prioritize section of city bike loop through Macintosh Park, Hardy’s group maintenance, dependent on Economic Corridor.

Bike Trail Vergennes loop – maps printed. Thinking of boardwalk needed to get through wetlands. Would require specific materials to be in compliance, would want low maintenance required.

  1. Ice rink Update 10 min

R. Newton investigated pavilion/covered rink in NY which cost $130,000 (pavilion building and cement). They bought a portable rink that they recommend. Ours is a bigger rink. 73 x 165 is our rink, theirs is 50 x 100. Damian Jay products from Montpelier for portable rink (, $4795. Sells a “bambini” to keep ice smooth, once a week. Cost of bambini $1100-$1500. The temporary rink could not be plowed by standard plow, but maybe a sidewalk plow.

Where could rink, bambini be stored? Do we have a lawn tractor to pull it?

The middle basketball hoop would have to be removed, but it is rarely used.

Could a local business sponsor the bambini?

Could the pavilion be tall enough to support basketball in summer? Yes, maybe. Or maybe part of the rink/court could be left uncovered?

Could solar panels be put on top of the pavilion roof?

Installation would require a half day and 5-10 volunteers each winter and spring. Would save some water.

Tim will talk to City Manager about taking the hoops down and ask City Manager about lights at the rink (there is at least 1 light but does it work?). The Committee should consider the economic development grant for next year (due in December last year).

This might be of interest to sponsors – can the City accept sponsorships? Could they engage with the Partnership to accept sponsorships?

School has the funds to pay for the portable rink, then the pavilion concept, and we need a plan for snow removal. Tim to bring this to City Manager.

Motion to remove basketball hoops and purchase bambini made by R. Newton, seconded by M. Deblois, all approved.

Motion to investigate the pavilion and begin the zoning process made by E. Roche, seconded by T. Cook and approved.

  1. Recreation coordinator and programming 10 min

    1. Reconsider job description

Review job description with committee and visitors. L. Donnelly suggests that T. Cook meet with B. Castillo to discuss what the position might be. Does the position need to be advertised?

    1. Identify next steps

T. Cook will check with City Manager. E. Roche will send draft job description to B. Castillo.

  1. Updates on budget and goals 10 min

    1. Budget update
    2. Brainstormed ideas follow up – See above. Hockey nets?
    3. Town meeting process

M. Deblois reports that the petition process begins in January and find out then how many signatures needed. How much would we want to ask for? And for what? What is “cost of recreation per capita”? How many children, how many grown ups in the 5 towns? 7,825 (2558+2775+688+463+1341) or so population. What about $1 per person?

  1. New business 5 min

R. Newton asks if we should do a fall “finish the work” party? Boy Scouts, Rotary, Job Corps could be interested in helping. L. Donnelly or T. Cook will follow up with Job Corps.

M. Deblois makes motion to have work party on 9/28 for a “finish the work” party, L. Rapoport seconds, all approve. Rain date of 10/5.

  1. Adjournment