Recreation Committee Minutes 11-14-2018


City of Vergennes

Recreation Commission Regular Meeting

Vergennes City Hall

November 14, 2018

6:00 p.m.

Attendance: Tim Cook, Lynne Rapoport, Robyn Newton, Lynn Donnelly, Linda Hawley, Matt DeBlois, Erin Roche

1.Amendments to Agenda

Appointment to Basin Master Plan. It has to be someone who can attend, because there is a big grant to be worked on. Tim will do it to start on the Committee, he was on the Task Force before. Tim will contact Renny Perry and Mike Winslow.

5 min

2.Hear Visitors

5 min

3.Approve Minutes to Regular Meeting of 10/08/2018

2 spelling errors corrected. Changed Minutes motion to approve by Matt and seconded by Lynne. Minutes approved.

5 min

4.Review Committee Charge

Review of the Charge. We will adopt short, medium and long term goals.

5 min

5.Adoption of mission statement

Linda motion to accept the mission as drafted, Matt seconded. Mission statement adopted.

15 min

6.Adoption of 2019 goals


grant application, up to $100,000. City Manager thinks we should ask for capital improvements to swimming pool – he has a list of improvements needed totaling $147,000. Doesn’t include the building though and the roof needs repair. Also, suggests that grant include hiring an events coordinator, p/t winter, full time summer. Committee understands that the City Manager will submit the grant, the committee hasn’t been asked to submit the application just provide input.

Need to make programming goals if we are proposing hiring someone.

Grant due 12/14.

What’s the city-wide plan for recreation needs?

Events coordinator could propose events and programming for pool, ice skating, skate park

Allison Rimmer from the pool committee was invited but couldn’t attend. Can we reach out to the “pool people” we know to ask for more information?

Couldn’t this grant application start out with the pool information we already have and then just write a job description for an Events Coordinator

Does Matt or someone already have something in mind for Events Coordinator? Does the Municipal Plan talk about this?

No money in city budget until July, except maybe this grant.

Would need to hire someone by May 1 for summer programming. Is that too soon because no time for facilities improvement? Or hire May 1 to figure out programs? Could we hire a consultant to figure out what the programs should be?

This committee could be “events coordinator” just to try things out. There have been activities in Vergennes that have not been run by Vergennes and that might be a model.

If we are going to ask for one thing that is for the pool, they need to make sure that they are talking about all those facilities and the programs that will follow. Maybe we put some of that into “improvements to the Veterans Park” – and describe it as:

This is Phase I (or Phase 2), Pool, then Skating Rinks – already did the tennis courts/pickleball (which were Phase 1). Some programming in place at the Pool, and already generates economic activity. Swim meets bring people to Vergennes, and the public pool brings people from other surrounding communities. Kids come for swimming lessons.

We could generate more pool revenue if we opened it up in the evening hours.

The City should go for this grant because we already fixed up the tennis courts

Maintain and expand recreation opportunities in the City. Which will result in more economic activity in the City as well. Building on existing facilities and resources.

Phase 3: As City we promised that the Skate Park would have some work done to it. And skating rink. Do we have any estimate on what needs to be done on it. If this is a goal we should get estimates for what needs to be done. Resurfacing at minimum.

2019 goals of the Recreation Committee

  1. Contribute to and support grant writer to submit grant application for Phase 2 of Veterans Park: The Pool
  2. Organize Work party to put new roofs on the skate park and pool house – Summer 2019
  3. Organize Work party for painting for buildings or Mr. Spencer (high school)
  4. Develop plan for Veterans Park, especially rink, skate park
  5. Encourage leveling and resurfacing of ice rink
  6. Identify recreational opportunities and job responsibilities for a City employee to be hired
  7. Investigate plan and opportunities for bike paths (maybe linked to VTRANS paving project?) – maybe routes that connect parks in City, or wayfinding for bike tourists, make a map of “loops” for local pedestrian/bikers
  8. Start working towards opening city right of way from outdoor classroom to New Haven Rd.
  9. Work with Basin Committee to establish a dog park

Motion to adopt goals made by Matt and seconded by Robyn

15 min

7.Assigning of subcommittee(s)

We need to decide if/what subcommittees/tasks we might need. Job description/programming opportunities tasks. Veterans Park plan tasks, especially Phase 3. Or maybe job tasks for individual work. Maintenance tasks with Tim. Linda/Lynne reach out to Pool Committee. Surveys of youth in community led by high school committee members.

5 min

8.Draft recommendations to City

List of 2019 goals, meeting on 11/27. Tim will talk to Matt to get on the Agenda for 11/27 – list of goals/draft recommendations, mission statement.

10 min

9.New Business

No new business. Meeting 2nd Wednesday at City Hall at City Hall. Robyn made motion to approve, Lynne seconded.

5 min