Recreation Committee Meeting Minutes 7-10-2019


City of Vergennes

Recreation Committee Regular Meeting

Vergennes City Hall

July 10, 2019

6:00 p.m.

Present: Tim Cook, Matt DeBlois, Lynne Rapoport, Anna Rakowski, Robyn Newton, Erin Roche, Heather Simons

Called to order: 6:02

  1. Amendments to Agenda 5 min
  2. Approve Minutes to Regular Meeting of 5/8/2019 5 min

Motion to accept minutes M. DeBlois, seconded R. Newton: minutes approved by all

  1. Hear Visitors 10 min

Elizabeth Grant wrote to Chairperson Cook re: the wall that was taken down at the tennis court and why it is needed. We should replace it.

  1. Bike Trail Update 5 min

C. MacFarlane and B. Rakowski on board to help make a plan. Zoning Administrator Garon to research easements existing and needed.

  1. Recreation coordinator and programming. 15 min

    1. Review and approve job description

Could this be a part of an existing part-time position? Make it a “time phased” position.

    1. Establish hiring subcommittee


  1. New business 15 min

    1. Veterans Park

Boy Scouts Pack 539 helped put on the roof at the pool house. And they may have other community service hours.

Chairperson Cook working on getting estimate for Skate Rink, and possibly other capital improvements. Could we improve the Warming Hut and have equipment rental? Could public/private partnership with the Bixby to rent equipment? E. Roche to investigate.

R. Newton suggests a pavilion to cover the ice rink.

    1. Fund Raising Brainstorm

Chairperson Cook, asks for fundraising ideas. M. Deblois, grants might be better than fundraising. E. Roche suggests an active event. L. Rapoport, kids triathalon. T. Cook, fancy bike race. R. Newton, disc golf tournament, ask businesses to sponsor each hole. Combine event with Eat on the Green. M. Deblois, who is taking over the fishing derby? Scott Gaines re: Vergennes 5k. Fun pickleball or tennis tournament. Chairperson Cook notes that this is a successful brainstorm.

    1. Budget update

$15,000 in the budget. What if this was a public/private partnership? Could there be a stipend for an existing employee, instead of hiring?

    1. Goals for Fiscal Year 2020

Can we get on 5 town Town Meeting agenda for possible funding? M. DeBlois will investigate the process.

Hire coordinator in Spring 2020.

Ice rink resurfacing. R. Newton will investigate contractor options.

Run an event, pick up pickleball in Spring. Youth-oriented triathalon.

Repair Warming Hut and finish painting in Veterans Park.

Committee supports Chairperson Cook to support the Mountain Bike Trail to the City Council in August.

  1. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 7:22