Recreation Committee Meeting Minutes 4-10-2019


City of Vergennes

Recreation Committee Regular Meeting

Vergennes City Hall

April 10, 2019

6:00 p.m.

Present: Tim Cook, Lynn Jackson, Linda Hawley, Matt DeBlois, Robyn Newton, Lynne Rapoport, Lee Shorey, Heather Simons, Janice Bosworth

Call to order 5:59

  1. Amendments to Agenda 5 min
  2. Approve Minutes to Regular Meeting of 3/13/2019 5 min
  3. Hear Visitors 10 min

Lee Shorey: 17 years of teaching tennis, believer in recreational opportunities for youth. Students to outdoor classroom, Impact class. Did a staining project at the skate park. Would like to take the fence down, move back board so it would be contained.

Discussed with Jim Larrow, possible senior class project on 5/2 in Veterans Park.

V-Town skate board design, could be extravaganza, invite skaters from Burlington and Bristol and auction the skate boards, live music. Dustin D’attilio would like to be part of another mural project.

Water fountain has been misused and hasn’t been turned on the past few years because of vandalism. Should it be removed?

Maybe Job Corps could collaborate to improve structures, and take more ownership/pride over the facility

Family tournaments would be fun at events.

Lee will continue to contact graphic artists for skate board design.

Janice Bosworth interested in the bike trail and how to connect with these efforts.

  1. Committee priority areas of interest

City council says Recreation will be a high priority. Intend to make the Veterans Park a destination area for adults and for children. We have 600 students, but 2000 adults.

    1. Pedestrian trail or bike path

Tim still trying to get map made with the regional planning commission. Trying to connect all the city-owned parcels together via a trail and noted on a map. Also a map of Veterans Park marking wetlands (most of outdoor classroom is a wetland) – we can maintain existing trails but we can’t build new trails.

A lot of interest from business community in the idea of a bike trail.

    1. Veterans Park

      1. Work party update. 10 min

May 4, donations, painting roofing, taking down fence. Matt and Tim are organizing for the senior day project on 5/2. Leave fence between b-ball and skate park. Take metal off the windows. Interested in repainting the warming hut on the exterior, but hate to paint over the murals.

There is a pole with light on it, but it doesn’t work. Or maybe was just turned off?

Maybe Tim can meet the senior class on 5/2 to give some direction.

People play tennis late, lights would increase participation.

Make sure fence stays up between skate park and b-ball/ice rink to protect rink and prevent interference between sports

      1. Skate park, Ice rink/b-ball court 10 min

Robyn and Matt say summer is the time to pave. School has some money to support paving. Should VUES bring this to the City? Leveling, resurfacing, reorient basketball. Matt will follow up with Tim when he gets estimates.

This is a priority for the City, but hard to know where the funds will come from and the budget will be developed starting in May.

Budget questions. Can other towns contribute to pool budget?

Pool committee an ad hoc committee will be disbanded after a year and invite pool committee members to join the Recreation Committee. Tim would still like to see description of the small, medium, large options for what should happen with the pool. And there is also a job description for the pool director. Lynne R. will reach out to Lisa about this.

Would the 5 towns support the Vergennes Community Pool? Need to petition to get it on their ballot.

Lynne suggests we need to start promoting the work of this committee.

    1. VUES Pavilion update 5 min

Matt and Ken S. will walk off the pavilion and figure out how to raise donations for wood and materials. It’s still a go, just need to work out the details. Maybe a post and beam workshop would get donated labor and build community. Tim suggests a 12 foot grid.

    1. Outdoor classroom/New Haven Rd connection 5 min

It’s very overgrown, so nearly impossible to create trail. Could DR help with this work? Beavers have made it so you can’t cross over the way you used to. Need a beaver baffle.

Tim asks if there is some school budget for this? Ken Sullivan would control this budget if it exists.

Janice asks how could adults use outdoor classroom? Could it be promoted for dog use? Especially in the winter.

Janice suggests we need a 5 year plan.

  1. Recreation coordinator and programming. 5 min
  2. New business 5 min

We should make a list of what the committee thinks should be budgeted. Rink is the number 1 improvement, recreation coordinator. Will brainstorm this list on May 8 and bring this to City. Bring it to Matt, then Lynn will advocate and we can come to next available City Council meeting.

Lynne will send the flyer

Vergennes Rotary sponsoring a group of students doing all the songs from Mama Mia at the Opera House. Funds raised going to VUHS.

  1. Adjournment – 7:37