Recreation Committee Meeting Minutes 12-11-2019


City of Vergennes

Recreation Committee Regular Meeting

Vergennes City Hall

December 11, 2019

6:00 p.m.

Present: Jackson, Cook, Deblois, Roche, Newton, Rapoport

Meeting called to order: 6:01

  1. Amendments to Agenda 5 min
  2. Approve Minutes to Regular Meeting of 10/9/2019 5 min

L. Jackson makes motion, M. Deblois seconds, all approve.

  1. Hear Visitors 10 min
  2. Recreation coordinator and programming 10 min
    1. Finalize job description, to post in January

T. Cook recommends that the job description be amended to include working on the pedestrian loop. Question raised of whether M. Chabot can post the job description, even though new City Manager has been hired. T. Cook will coordinate with City Manager and we can a hiring subcommittee. T. Cook appoints subcommittee of Newton, Rapoport, Deblois, Roche. Plan to post on Jan 1 and leave open for 2 weeks.

Hiring committee selected a potential date of January 23 to interview candidates.

  1. Ice rink Update 10 min

Expected to be done & ready in next couple weeks but because of holidays might make sense. Need to find team of volunteers to help install, ideally installers would include Public Works, School District facilities personnel and Rec Committee members.

We may need cinder blocks to prop up where it is not level? T. Cook can check the level with a laser. We would need roughly 75 cinder blocks and maybe can use some pavers that the school district already has. Target Friday, January 3rd, if it works for everyone’s schedule. T. Cook will email J. Larrow re: meeting.

Hockey nets range from $209-369 for sturdy nets. We should get the heaviest nets we can afford, and make sure to factor in the shipping costs. Should we look into a skate sharpener for future. They cost $1500-2000 and would require someone who could operate it. R. Newton will bring p.o. to City Manager.

M. Deblois makes motion to approve up to $1500 for purchase of hockey nets, E. Roche seconds, all approve.

    1. Possible Hoehl Family Foundation grant for pavilion

L. Jackson Donnelly reports on conversations on how to apply. 1 page summary of what we’ve done in the past, what our goal is, and steps we are taking, and anything that would have basketball is one of the Hoehl Foundation priorities. We should have photos of existing buildings, and describe volunteer work and the value of the volunteer work. We should show the proximity of playground and high school fields, with new recreation coordinator. The contact is leaving in February, so we should get this underway quickly.

History could include Sam Fishman pool and how that became the hub of recreation for the City. We need to provide a concept of how much we would need. They contributed to refurbishing St. Peters Parish Hall.

The pavilion would ensure basketball in this outdoor setting and preserve a quality surface for playing basketball. We are investing in resurfacing – a pavilion over the court would maintain the surface for years.

Mel Hawley would have some history, Jen Kingsley knows some of the history. Can we post something on FPF asking for recollections?

ROPES course added in 2008. E. Roche can set up a google form to record recollections. Share summary in packet for January meeting

  1. Trail Update 10 min
    1. Update from Tim on presentation to the City Council for the Recreation Trail Vergennes Loop

T. Cook proposed it to city council and got enthusiastic response. Moving forward on the Safe Routes to Parks but C. Macfarlane is concerned about community engagement. Supposed to meet with City Manager to review where outdoor classroom trails go, and the boy scouts might be interested trail maintenance on the trails.

    1. Outdoor classroom trail work update
    2. Possible Safe Routes to Parks grant
  1. Updates on budget and goals (if any) 10 min

Action: Should we ask other 4 towns to contribute to Recreation budget at $1 per capita in exchange for “in town” pool and recreation membership

Move this to top of agenda for January along with ice rink, pavilion.


  1. New business 10 min
  2. Adjournment

Adjourned 7:05