Planning Commission Minutes August 5, 2019




Members Present: Shannon Haggett-Chair, Mike Winslow-Vice Chair, Danelle Birong, Carrie Macfarlane, Tim Cook


Members Absent: Cheryl Brinkman, John Coburn

Visitor: Brent Rakowski, Chair of Development Review Board

Also Present: Peter Garon, Zoning Administrator

Chair Shannon Haggett called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. There were no changes to the agenda.

Upon motion by Mike Winslow, seconded by Danelle Birong, the minutes of the regular meeting of July 1, 2019 were approved unanimously with one change.

As the next scheduled meeting would occur on Labor Day, the Commission decided to cancel the regular meeting and schedule a special meeting for September 9.


The Commission began the continuation of the Municipal Development Plan update with a discussion of the Land Use Section which Brent Rakowski joined. Much of the discussion focused on the suggested elimination of the Agriculture District with a change to Low Density Residential. The Commission generally felt that change was a good direction for expanding housing availability. Review continued on Carrie Macfarlane’s draft of the Transportation Network section, and Tim Cook’s draft on Parks and Recreation. Shannon Haggett will incorporate the recommended language into the next draft. His intent is to have a last draft to review for the October meeting.

Next the Planning Commission heard items of interest updates:

  • Transportation – Shannon Haggett noted that he had included copies of ACRPC letters written with regard to the Vergennes Economic Corridor. Mike Winslow had attended the Panton Selectboard community discussion of the Vergennes Economic Corridor plan. There were no significant issues raised but the Selectboard is still considering their response
  • Stormwater – Tim Cook raised a question about culvert work as it seems that more water is flowing through Mossy Brook. No one had any specific information about that work.
  • Energy Planning – Shannon Haggett informed the Commission that the Addison County Regional Planning Commission now has funding to move grants forward.

Under new business, Carrie Macfarlane informed the Commission about a survey done by the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development entitled “Zoning for Great Neighborhood”. She will forward the contact information to the Commission.

The meeting adjourned at 8:56 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Garon, Recording Secretary