Planning Commission Minutes, 11-4-2019




Members Present: Shannon Haggett-Chair, Mike Winslow-Vice Chair, Danelle Birong, Carrie Macfarlane, Tim Cook, John Coburn, Cheryl Brinkman


Also Present: Peter Garon, Zoning Administrator

Chair Shannon Haggett called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. There were no amendments to the agenda proposed. However Shannon Haggett noted that the agenda item, “Discussion of Possible Non-substantive Correction to Regulations” had been added by mistake.

Upon motion by Cheryl Brinkman, seconded by John Coburn, the minutes of the regular meeting of October 7, 2019 were approved unanimously.

Upon motion by Cheryl Brinkman, seconded by Carrie Macfarlane, and approved by all the slate of current officers were re-elected: Shannon Haggett, Chair; Mike Winslow, Vice-Chair; Peter Garon, Recording Secretary.

Upon motion of Mike Winslow, seconded by Tim Cook, and approved by all, the current Rules of Procedure were approved with no changes.

The Commission reviewed the latest full draft of the Municipal Development Plan. The “Our Energy” section of the plan was moved to an Appendix. Maps, information inserts, and charts will be reviewed by individuals with suggestions forwarded to Shannon Haggett. Members were asked to review prior submission of additions and changes to assure that their comments had been covered in the most recent draft.

Areas of interest were reviewed. Cheryl Brinkman noted that the Energy Committee of the Addison County Regional Planning Commission would be meeting with the Town of Leicester to go over their plan. There were no other updates.

Shannon Haggett updated the Commission on a training which he, Tim Cook, and Peter Garon attended on the topic of Zoning for Great Neighborhoods presented by the State of Vermont Housing and Community Development Department, with consultants from CNU. We were one of six towns selected to participate in this project which assists towns with Zoning and Planning updates related to increasing housing availability and affordability. CNU will present us with several reports over the next several months.

Danelle Birong reported that she will no longer be leading the project on 22A for the Partnership, but will remain involved in the discussions.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Garon, Recording Secretary