City Council Agenda 03-27-2018



March 27, 2018

5:30 p.m.

Fire Station Meeting Room


5:30: 1. Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Amendments to Agenda

5:35: 2. Visitors

5:40: 3. Approval of Minutes and Warrants*

5:45: 4. Citizen’s Comments (Issues not otherwise on agenda)

5:50: 5. Business:

  1. Adoption of Roberts Rules of Order for Boards and Committees*
  2. Election of Senior Alderman*
  3. Review and Re-Adoption of Conflict of Interest Policy*
  4. Designation of Newspaper (17 V.S.A. § 2641)*
  5. Appointments:*

Delinquent Tax Collector

Tree Warden

Service Officer

Revolving Loan Fund Committee

Bixby Library Trustee Designation

ACSWMD Board of Supervisors Member and Alternate Member

6.  Liquor Licenses, Outside Consumption Permits,Live Entertainment Licenses, Outside Seating Agreements*

7.   Advertisement in Vergennes Map by Douglas Lazarus*

8.  Abatement of Tax and Sewer Balances due to Late Fees*

9.  Certificate – No Appeal or Suit Pending for 2017 Grand List*

10.  Appointments to the Planning Commission**

11.  Report of the City Manager Search Committee*

12.  City Council Meeting Schedule

6:00 6. Public Hearing – Proposed Amendments to the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

6:15: Business: (continued)

13.  Proposed Amendments to the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

6:45: 7. City Manager’s Report

  1. FY2018 Budget Report
  2. Northern Gateway Sidewalk Project Bids
  3. Amendments to the Personnel Policy
  4. Shannon Mahoney Complaint
  5. Other Topics of Interest

6:55: 8. Deputy Mayor’s Report

7:00: 9. Adjournment

* Decision item ** Possible Decision Item