Charge to the Basin Task Force

CHARGE to the


aka: “Basin Task Force”

1. General Charge

The Downtown-Basin Master Plan Implementation Task Force (Basin Task Force) established by the Mayor as set forth below shall be in an advisory capacity in matters pertaining to the implementation plans, policies and recommendations set forth in the Vergennes Downtown-Basin Master Plan. This will include recommendations regarding the ongoing maintenance of facilities. The Basin Task Force will research and recommend ways to generate revenue, and will assist the City Council and City Manager to determine future capital expenditures, public outreach and the promotion of basin assets. The Basin Task Force may establish committees to address specific facilities and Downtown-Basin Master Plan recommendations.

2. Specific Duties

The duties of the Basin Task Force include the following:

  • Develop recommended annual goals based on the Downtown-Basin Master Plan to be reviewed by the City Council and City Manager
  • Advise in the planning, and make recommendations concerning facilities, outreach, policies and Downtown-Basin activities
  • Review and make recommendations on capital improvement projects
  • Conduct studies and make recommendations which promote and encourage active use of the Basin
  • Encourage broad citizen participation
  • Act as a sounding board for individuals and organizations having an interest in the Basin and the Downtown-Basin Master Plan and gather feedback for improvement opportunities

3. Membership and Terms

The Basin Task Force shall be composed of the following members appointed by the Mayor:

  • One City Council Member
  • One member of the Recreation Facilities and Programs Advisory Committee
  • Two representatives of the Vergennes Partnership
  • Three Vergennes residents having an interest in the Basin and the Downtown-Basin Master Plan

The chair of the committee shall be selected by the committee members.

4. Reporting Responsibilities

The Basin Task Force, through its chair and City Council member designee, shall periodically (as necessity warrants) keep the City Council, City Manager, and the public apprised of its work and progress on the annual goals. The Basin Task Force chair shall maintain a close working relationship with the Mayor and the City Manager.