Basin Task Force Minutes/ DRAFT 2-19-2019

Vergennes Basin Task Force Meeting


Members Present: Bill Benton, Jill Strube, David Austin, Tim Cook, Tim Cowan, Mike Winslow

Members Absent: Kathy Rossier

Others: none

Meeting called to order 6:37

The group discussed who would serve as officers.

T. Cowan moved and Bill Benton seconded that Mike Winslow would serve as Secretary. Motion carried unanimously.

Bill Benton moved and Jill Strube seconded that David Austin would serve as Chair. Motion carried unanimously.

David distributed a copy of the charge to the committee from the City Council.

The group reviewed the history of the Basin as public property and the past work that has been done there. The group considered possible actions that could take place in the near future to improve the area. Possible improvements included signage, sidewalks along McDonough Drive, clearing of trees near the library to improve views of the Basin, tie-ins to the proposed trail around Vergennes. The Job Corps was identified as an entity that might be able to help with some of the work.

For homework, individual members of the group will review the Basin portions of the Toole Design Downtown-Basin Master Plan available on the City’s website. Members should be prepared with a list of short-term improvements that can be accomplished this year.

In the meantime, David will provide Matt Chabot with a brief summary of the meeting. Tim and Tim will work on getting maps to facilitate the group’s next meeting.

The next meeting was scheduled for Thursday March 21 at 6:30 PM

Meeting adjourned 7:34.

Minutes submitted by Mike Winslow