Basin Task Force Meeting Minutes 5-16-2019

AGENDA City of Vergennes

Basin Task Force Meeting Agenda

Vergennes City Hall

May 16, 2019

6:30 p.m.

Members Present: Dave Austin, Bill Benton, Tim Cowan, Tim Cook, Mike Winslow

Members Absent: Kathy Rossier, Jill Strube

Guests: Carrie MacFarlane (Addison County Walk Bike Council)

1. Call to Order, Amendments to Agenda

2. Visitors – Carrie introduced the group to the Addison County Walk Bike Council and noted that she is in charge of the Transportation section of the Vergennes Municipal Development Plan. That section will be covering signs and trails and therefore overlaps with the work of the Basin Committee. For the plan she would like to document what has been done and what is planned.

3. Approval of Minutes Moved by Bill; Second by Tim Cowan. Approved unanimously.

4. Citizens’ Comments – none

5. Business

a. Signage – (Bill) Bill, Matt Chabot, and David met with representatives from Freemen, French, and Freeman (FFF). FFF chooses a project every year to work as a project design charette and has chosen Vergennes this year as the subject. The charette is 5/21 and FFF will be attending on behalf of Vergennes. We should not expect a finished product from that effort, but we are hoping for more uniformity in branding between different Vergennes related logos. Bill identified nine locations where way-finding signs are needed, and will share copies via email. Tim Cook asked if the list included signs for park signs. Bill said that’s not part of the list but could be included. Tim recommended that that should be part of the discussion, as many residents don’t know the formal names of the City’s parks.

Mike will look into whether or not way-finding signs are eligible for Bike/Ped grants. Carrie noted that she had put together an unsuccessful grant for a similar project and will share the information with Mike.

Carrie asked if Bill’s list had been cross-referenced with the Downtown

Master Plan. Bill said there is overlap but he will check that plan.

The group agreed that blue should be a predominant if not the predominant color in the signs.

Tim noted that Green Mountain Power needs to be engaged with regard to the status of the signs they maintain.

Carrie asked about interpretive signs as the ruins near MacDonough Park. A design plan should be able to be applied to interpretive signs.

b. Parking – (Tim Cowan) – Tim shared his diagram of suggested parking spots: at the sewer pump station (minimum 4-5 nose-in parking available), above MacDonough Park (4 spaces, pave and paint and include a ADA space, though the ADA space may fit better down below), below at MacDonough Park (2 spaces). Eventually the City will need a policy as to who can use the spaces and for how long. Tim also noted that the entry to the access road has gotten wider over time and should be landscaped to better manage the gate there.

c. Paths – (Tim Cook/ Tim Cowan) – Mike will look into the potential of a bike/ped. grant to fund a path from the City docks to the stairway. Tim Cowan noted that we would be considering a 5-6’ wide gravel or river stone path. Tim Cook identified the absence of a sidewalk between MacDonough Drive and the bridge as an impediment to connectivity. Tim Cowan will talk to Bruce Bushey about Right of Way and Greg Edwards about a plan for sidewalks on the north side of 22A.

d. Set date for June Work Day – the committee set a next meeting for 6/6 at

6PM at Falls Park to walk through and plan a work day. We decided not to schedule a work day until after the walk through. Our regularly scheduled meeting will still occur on 6/20 at 6:30.

e. Determine scope for June Work Day – will be determined at the 6/6 meeting.

6. Adjournment 7:20