Basin Task Force Meeting Minutes 4-18-2019



APRIL 18, 2019-6:00pm

MacDonough Park

Members Present: David Austin, Bill Benton, Tim Cook, Tim Cowan, Mike Winslow

Members Absent: Kathy Rossier, Jill Strube

Guest: Jim Larrow


    1. DOCKS – Bill noted the metal docks function well; the floating docks are more problematic. He suggested moving the floating docks to deeper water.
    2. KIOSK – David suggested the kiosk could use some Arbor Coat but was in pretty good shape. He suggested adding more historic markers similar to the existing ‘Vergennes Shipyard’ marker but covering different eras. Perhaps the marker at Settlers Park should be moved here where there’s more traffic.
    3. PARKING – David suggested we should delineate the parking on the road and add parking on the lower level. Tim Cowan noted we need to make the public parking spaces more obvious. It’s currently not clear they are public. We should also consider adding a handicapped space. More parking could be added in front of the pump station to the north. The City owns the land to within about four feet of the yellow house’s garage. We could have nose-in parking there and still maintain access to the pump station. Tim Cowan also suggested paving the apron at the top of the slope north of the pump station.
    4. WALKING PATH – The property of the yellow house extends about 8’ to the streamside of the existing retaining wall. That area was underwater, so any walking path there would need to withstand flood conditions. Tim Cowan suggested large 4’x8’ blocks as a possibility as there’s little current, just inundation. Jim noted flooding may be prevalent from 4 to 6 weeks per year. Tim Cook suggested the path could branch with one branch following the natural slope to reach MacDonough Drive south of the yellow house and the other branch staying in the floodplain.
    5. SIGNAGE – Bill shared via email a mock-up of wayfinding signs. Mike noted that any signs should be compliant with state and federal standards (MUTCD)
    6. CANOE PORTAGE – David and Tim Cowan suggested a floating dock at the base of the falls for hand-launchable watercraft.
  3. FOLLOW-UP – Bill will continue working on signs. Tim and Tim will continue working on mapping of parking and paths.
  4. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Bill moved and Tim Cowan seconded to approve the minutes from the March meeting. Passed unanimously.
  5. NEXT MEETING – The next meeting will convene at Falls Park at 6PM on Thursday May 16th.
  6. ADJOURNMENT – Bill Benton moved to adjourn, Tim Cowan seconded. All in favor. 7PM